Bring on the bugs. Crawfish season will hit Texarkana sooner than normal. Warmer weather and good amounts of rain have a lot to do with it. Crawfish should be plentiful this year and arrive much earlier than normal. One hut has announced they are opening on New Year's Eve.

I took my annual trip to Haughton, La., to Crawfish Palace with my stepson last week for their opening weekend. December is a normal time for the palace to open because they go deep into Louisiana to get their crawfish and they get started when there are just a few pounds to serve. It gives them time to get all the kinks out and get business rolling smoothly. But look what is happening this year in Texarkana. The crawfish farmers are already pulling their traps and the suppliers are ready to deliver to at least one hut in Texarkana.

Look to see crawfish in Texarkana in December as well this year. One crawfish hut has already posted on Facebook that they will be opening on New Year's Eve. See Hot Tail's Crawfish on Facebook for more details. This will be the earliest opening weekend in the history of Texarkana's crawfish business. If the winter months continue to be warmer than normal, it could be a very busy crawfish season which is good news for people like me because I'm already salivating just thinking about crawfish.

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