Crawfish are one of my favorite foods. I hear some people say it is too much work. I say if you know how to do it properly, eating a crawfish is faster than eating most foods.

I was recently challenged to a crawfish eating contest by a man. I have won three, first place titles competing against women so this was a new challenge for me. I'm not making excuses but, I wasn't feeling particularly well on this day but my friends were prodding me to do it so I took the challenge. Whoever finished three pounds of crawfish first would be the winner. It was a close finish, down to the last crawfish.

Now obviously, we've been eating crawfish for a long time so it comes easy. Next time I won't let him get so close to winning.

Occasionally, I have people who have never eaten a crawfish ask how to peel them. Other folks may do it differently but here is my how to eat a crawfish -- a step-by-step lesson:

This person is from Oregon and had never eaten a crawfish. It was fun to watch a rookie give it a try and to get his first taste of some hot and spicy mudbugs.