Learn How To Peel and Eat Crawfish
Some people say that they like crawfish but it takes too long to peel and eat them and that it just isn't worth the effort. I can show you how to quickly and easily peel and eat crawfish in this super short video.
Crawfish Season 2017
You can now get boiled crawfish in Texarkana. Find out where below and watch a video of me in a crawfish-eating battle with someone who just walked up and challenged me.
Crawfish Season 2017
Look for crawfish to hit Texarkana early for the 2017 season. Hot Tails Crawfish hut plans to open in December this year. Read below to see the opening plans for the other huts around Texarkana.
The Mudbug Madness festival in Shreveport is one of my favorite events to attend each year. It involves a lot of crawfish eating, shopping and great music. I am still the reigning champ of the women's crawfish eating contest. This year's event was pretty special and my best win so far.
Crawfish Season
Bring on the bugs. Crawfish season will hit Texarkana sooner than normal. Warmer weather and good amounts of rain have a lot to do with it. Crawfish should be plentiful this year and arrive much earlier than normal. One hut has announced they are opening on New Year's Eve.
Impossible Trivia
A generation ago, everyone did this but today, one-third of adults say they never have. What do you think it is? It was our Impossible Trivia question this morning.
Trivia Time
What could it possibly be that women think about 43 times a day? We had guesses of whats for dinner, chocolate, looks, kids and sex. It was our Impossible Trivia question on Wednesday morning shortly after 7 a.m.
Okay, now that we have a name for the Crawfish, I need your help Texarkana! Wes will eat the crawfish alive if my video gets 1,000 views!

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