The Mudbug Madness festival in Shreveport is one of my favorite events to attend each year. It involves a lot of crawfish eating, shopping and great music. I am still the reigning champ of the women's crawfish eating contest. This year's event was pretty special and my best win so far.

It is my fourth year in a row to be the women's crawfish eating champion. This year was a little different because the gal who used to beat me every year was back but I didn't know it until we were standing on the stage getting our awards. I was getting my first place award and she was getting her's for second place. The finish was so close too. There was only one person sitting between us at the table where the eating contest took place.

My winning time this year was one of my best times by far. I ate five pounds of crawfish in four minutes and four seconds. I received a beautiful trophy, a super neat cooler with speakers and a remote control and a check for $50.

I have won first place four times in a row now.

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