Mudbug Madness was a few weeks ago in Shreveport. I love to shop the vendor booths, eat crawfish of course and listen to zydeco music. This year I decided to get into the crawfish eating contest too. It just happened to be scheduled for the same day we were planning to go to the festival so why not. There were only 15 seats in the contest so we had to beat feet to get there on time.

I was so nervous which seems funny to be worried about eating my favorite food. I think it was probably the part about everyone watching me stuff my face full of crawfish. It was a pretty warm day and the crawfish were very spicy too.

Check out the huge ketchup dispenser at one of the food booths. They anticipated messy people.

My husband video taped the whole thing--sideways so you will have to tilt your head to the left to see it. He had people I didn't even know cheering for me! It was a good time. The gal that won is now a six-time winner. I think she is retiring now.

At one point I had to remind myself to chew too. I think the two chicks that beat me must have skipped that part and just swallowed them whole. It took me eight minutes to eat five pounds. Normally I work on five pounds for about an hour, savoring every moment. The contestant next to me looked over at me a few times in amazement of my speed.

The overall winner did it in less than five minutes.

I won third place! I was so excited that I told everyone. Every time we walked into a booth to shop I had to share my accomplishment. Next year I plan to take first place. Guess I better practice a little more.