Mudbug Madness

The Mudbug Madness festival in Shreveport is one of my favorite events to attend each year. It involves a lot of crawfish eating, shopping and great music. I am still the reigning champ of the women's crawfish eating contest. This year's event was pretty special and my best win so far.
Mimi at Mudbug Madness 2013 [PHOTOS]
I WON! I ate five pounds of crawfish in five minutes and twelve seconds beating my second place finish time last year by three minutes. I was SO excited! I won a bunch of prizes and the ability to finally say I got first place in the Women's Crawfish Eating Contest at Mudbug Madness Festival in Shreveport.
Crawfish Eating Contest at Mudbug Madness Festival, Mimi on Power959 [VIDEOS]
Mudbug Madness was a few weeks ago in Shreveport. I love to shop the vendor booths, eat crawfish of course and listen to zydeco music. This year I decided to get into the crawfish eating contest too. It just happened to be scheduled for the same day we were planning to go to the festival so why not. There were only 15 seats in the contest so we had to beat feet to get there on time.