Mudbug Madness was a blast this year. I entered the crawfish eating contest for the second year in a row. Many of my friends went down to cheer for Team Mimi!

I placed second out of 15 other women. They gave us five pounds of crawfish. Whoever ate the fastest won. I finished in a little over five minutes. I was only 45 seconds off of the first place finisher. I beat my time from last year by nearly three minutes!

They did the prizes different this year. We were allowed to select the prize that we wanted. First place chose a crawfish cooking pot. I chose the mini fridge. I have been wanting one of those for a long time.

We had t-shirts made for the event. It was a last minute order. I'm not really good at planning ahead for events, other than planning to attend, so my shirt order almost didn't happen. After a few calls and getting blessed out by one lady, I found the fabulous people at A Better Creation on Texas Boulevard. They were so nice and so very fast. The shirts were ready in plenty of time for the event.

Here are some more photos to show the fun that we had: