I won FIRST PLACE in the Mudbug Madness Women's Crawfish Eating Contest with my best time EVER -- I ate 5 lbs of crawfish in 4 minutes and 4 seconds!!! That is the result of a lot of practice.

I was so excited that I bit my tongue at the very beginning of the contest. It was a lot of fun though and the prizes were awesome! This is my second year to place first in the contest. There were two other years that I competed but lost to the same gal. I would love to compete against her again. I think I could take her now. Maybe I will get the chance to challenge her next year.

I was still hungry after the contest ended so while I waited for the other contestants to finish, I got the good stuff out of the crawfish heads. I know I know...some of you are saying that's gross but seriously, that is where the best stuff is.

Video - 2014


Mudbug Madness 2014 Two Champs

We tried to get Ethan, my 9 year old stepson, to enter the kids crawfish eating contest but he wouldn't do it. Here is a pic of me with the winner of the kids contest. His dad said that this was the last year he could compete in the kids division. Next year he will have to compete with the adults. I don't know what their times were this year but I bet they will have some serious competition next year!

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