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Texarkana Area COVID-19 Flattening the Curve – March 5
Bowie County reports 7 new cases for a total of 4585 cumulative positive COVID-19 cases including 10 possible cases. COVID-related deaths are at 185. Active cases are reported at 511. The total recovered cases for Bowie County is 5903.
Bowie County Vaccinations - First Dose: 6887
Bowie County Vaccina…
Arkansas Middle School Traffic Flow Information – Starts Monday
For 7th and 8th grade staff and students, Monday, March 8, will be the first day of classes in the new Arkansas Middle School. The new school is located at 5443 Jefferson Ave. Community members who travel that area may be familiar with the two lane road. However, this week the city is re-stripping J…
Texarkana Arkansas COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic Saturday
The Miller County Office of Emergency Management has teamed up with College Hill Drug and Lansdell Family Clinic to provide a COVID-19 vaccination clinic Saturday, March 6th from 9 am-5 pm at the Arkansas High School Razorback Gym at 1500 Jefferson in Texarkana, Arkansas.

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