The City of Texarkana, Arkansas has spoken. According to the letter below, vendors will no longer be allowed to set up their food trailers inside the city limits of Texarkana, Arkansas for more than 14 consecutive days. It seems there is an old ordinance that suddenly the City wishes to enforce but the question is more of an application of the code. Its all in the interpretation of the code you might say.

This new enforcement does not only apply to crawfish huts but any vendor wishing to sell food: sno-cones, barbeque and all the yummy stuff.

Shamsie has been setting up at Tom's Jug House for 13 years. Hot Tails Crawfish has been in front of the Villa Liquor Store for at least 5 years. The Dozier brothers have had their trailer in front of their Fish Market on 7th Street for over 5 years. Suddenly this is all changing because "The City Staff has completed their review of the City Ordinances..."?

What do you think?