'Tuesday Morning' to Close Stores - Texarkana Safe For Now
Another retail store has been having a difficult time during the coronavirus epidemic. Tuesday Morning announces yesterday that they have filed Chapter 11 and will be closing 132 stores this summer and about another 100 stores at a later date out of a total of almost 700 stores nationwide.
Glamping in Arkansas: Rent a Treehouse, Yurt or Teepee
With the kids officially finished with school, it's time to think about family vacations. Arkansas is known for being the Natural State but that doesn't mean you have to rough it. That's where Glamping comes in and everyone loves to glamp, You still get to enjoy the great outdoors but you still can …
Texas Governor Adds Services And Activities To Open Soon
Governor Greg Abbott Tuesday issued a proclamation expanding additional services and activities that can open under Phase II of the state's plan to safely and strategically open. In this proclamation, water parks, adult recreational sports programs, drivers ed, and food-court dining areas inside sho…

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