Hot Tails Crawfish stand is opening today at noon in their new location!

Crawfish is my absolute favorite food so you can imagine how upset I was when the City of Texarkana, Arkansas would not allow any of the crawfish huts to set up inside city limits.

The owners of the Hot Tails Crawfish hut had to search far and wide to find a new place to set up this year because the City of Texarkana, Arkansas dug back in some ancient City Code to compile a list of reasons to force all of the crawfish huts out of the Texarkana City Limits. Hot Tails used to set up in front of the Villa Liquor Store on Hwy 71 just north of I-30. Today they open in the parking lot of DuJacks on Hwy 71 South approximately 5 minutes north of town.

Shamsie's contacted me today and said they plan to set up at the old Hushpuppy location on Hwy 71. They used to set up at Tom's Jug House on Arkansas Blvd. They are hoping to open on March 1.

The Dosier brothers own the Fish Market in Downtown Texarkana and their hut sits in front of their building. The City also told them they could not sell crawfish out of their hut. I believe there are still negotiations ongoing since they may be grandfathered in because they own or lease the property.

All three of these huts have been set up inside the City of Texarkana, Arkansas for at least 6 to 12 years. Two of them have been in the same, exact location!