With all of the news about credit cards being hacked, a new story from the better business bureau caught my attention.

Check you most recent credit card statement to see if you’ve been charged $9.84.If you don’t see that amount deducted from your account, you’re probably fine. But it you do have a charge of $9.84, your account might have just been hacked!

The Better Business Bureau issued an alert last week after countless complaints from consumers who all said they had been charged $9.84 for a purchase they never made!

The business behind this phony fee might try to pass itself off as “customer support” or any number of websites. But don’t be fooled! They’re trying to steal your hard earned money!

An investigation found that this scam is being networked through a messy maze of more than 200 websites, but can be linked back to individuals in London, India, and Cyprus!

So if you see a similar charge on your bill, call your card company ASAP, place a fraud alert on your account and get your money back!

via perezhilton.com


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