Did a hacker get your personal information? Bloomberg is reporting that the credit reporting agency Equifax suffered a breach that may effect 143 million people.

The hackers were able to access peoples personal information like Social Security numbers, addresses, birth dates, even drivers license numbers.

Equifax also said credit card numbers were compromised of over 200,000 people as well. This is not the first hack. They were hacked back in 2013 and the information obtained came form mostly high profile users including actors even first lady Michelle Obama. That information was even posted on the internet.

Some officials are being investigated for selling thier stock in the company before the breach was made public. The breach was found way back in July.

Equifax has set up a website here for you to check and see if you are one of the people who's information was compromised. The company will offer free identity theft monitoring and credit file monitoring for all of thier effected customer in the United States.

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