There is a new Facebook scam going around and it has happened to me three times already.

Here is an example of the message you may have received in your messenger. If you did get one you may not have been hacked yet.

Wes Spicher TSM
Wes Spicher TSM

According to CBS news here is what you can do to see if you have been truly hacked.

Got to your Facebook page and click on the arrow on the upper right-hand corner of your page.and click settings. From the next page on the left click on security and log in. From this page take your time and see all of the devices that have logged into your account. My list was huge but you should recognize all of the devices that are on the list.

If you see a device or computer that you do not recognize you can click on the right side of it on the list where the three dots are and log it out. Now is the tough part. You need to change your password so this does not happen again.

It is a good idea to change your password periodically so that the chances of a hacker getting your information decreases.

Here is a great video to help in finding out if you have been hacked.


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