What Is Your Favorite Social Media?
What is your favorite social media to use? We asked the question yesterday with four choices including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, and to no one's surprise, we had a clear winner.
What's In Your Fridge? Take A Look Inside Wes'
We talked today on air about my fridge and how it has literally gone to the kiddos. What was once packed with adult beverages and leftover pizza has made way to Lunchables and apple juice.
We have a few healthy things in there like some apples and salad...
Facebook Is Changing Your Newsfeed Again
So you're a Power 95-9 fan, but Facebook won't let you stay up to the minute on all that’s happening? We feel your pain, but now there’s a way to make sure Power 95-9 is your top priority.
Facebook users can now prioritize their news feed to make sure that Po…
Social Media Solves Recent Theft at McDonald's
Texarkana, Texas Police used social media to solve a recent theft case in which money was stolen from a McDonalds employee’s wallet last week.
Since posting the story on its Facebook page last Friday afternoon, the Texarkana, Texas Police Department said its post about a woman taking money from a pur…
What Kind Of Storm Are You?
We have all seen the random post on Facebook, that seem to know all about you, but this one got it all right just from my name.

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