We all need to be safe now more than ever. From our health to our phones and computers it seems like there is a new scam every week. This nationwide texting scam has now hit the Texarkana area.

We all get those 'we are trying to reach you about your car warranty' calls, or even those that are counting on my vote in the upcoming election. Heck, my email is filled with mysterious emails about money that I am owed to fake Amazon deliveries, but there is a new scam that you need to make sure and not click. Here is what the text looks like.

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First of all, if I order something I am pretty impatient waiting on its arrival but I know exactly what I ordered and I am tracking it to my door. Secondly, if any text message comes to me with a link I am already very suspicious. And lastly, if I do get a text message about my package it has the specific delivery service or where the package is coming from. As you can see this message has none of that and you should not click on the link.

Not only will you get a virus but your personal information may be at risk. If you do get one of these you need to report it here.

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