I learned a very valuable lesson last Friday night about ordering pizza and how the weather affects your order.

Wait, What? Yes here is the lesson I learned and I hope by me sharing it you will have the knowledge you need to make the right decision on the question, what's for dinner?

So here is the story. Last Friday afternoon my wife texted me she wanted pizza for dinner, so I told her no problem we could do that. When I got home I quickly got on the pizza place, (I will not reveal the name of the place) website to put in our order. I am enrolled in their awards program and they have great deals on pizza so we can order a couple so that everyone in the house gets their favorite.

The website is pretty cool because it gives you the status of your order. When I checked the status it told me it would be about an hour before our order was ready. I have ordered plenty of pizzas from this restaurant and this was the first time it has taken an hour to get our order through their website. The website said our order would be ready at 6:30 so I waited patiently.

Here is where the rain factored into the process. Upon my arrival at the pizza place to pick up my order, the traffic around the building was crazy! There were cars lined up all around the small building and it even spilled out to the street. I had to park in the lot next to the restaurant to wait my turn to pick our order. After over 45 minutes of waiting in the parking lot and the pick-up l.ine it was finally time to get our order.

When I got to the pick-up window I looked inside the building and it was total chaos. Pizza boxes stacked up everywhere and the employees all looked like they had been there a week without sleep. One poor guy had a literal necklace of those tags that they put on your pizza box. This necklace went around his neck a couple of times and each sticker was an order that they were trying to get out as fast as they could. I asked the lady that was waiting on me if they had gotten slammed with a bunch of orders.

She told me that they are the busiest when it rains. I had no idea. It does make sense though. Most folks don't want to get out in the weather and the rain on Friday night was pretty heavy. And some people are still not comfortable going into a restaurant with the ongoing pandemic and all. I finally got home with our pizzas after almost an hour in line.

So there you have it, if you order pizza when it is raining outside be a little more patient.

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