Snow-mageddon 2018? - Probably Not Gonna Be That Bad
Don't panic! Yes, it appears we're going to get some ice and snow tonight, maybe 2 - 3 inches. Preparations are a good idea, but buying up every stinking loaf of bread and every gallon of milk at the grocery store is probably a bit of an overreaction.
My House and Yard are a Mudbog
Running a dog rescue in this mud is a huge hassle when most of the dogs are in my house! It's like living in the TV show Little House on the Prairie with a dirt floor. My leather furniture is splattered with mud. My walls, washer, dryer, refrigerator and face have been covered in mud from dog p…
Had Enough Rain For a While?
Since the drought conditions of 2011 has most of us afraid to say "too much rain" I will just let the photo speak for itself.
I run a German Shepherd Dog rescue and obviously this pen is not able to be used until it dries out. Thankfully I have are other exercise areas that are not …