What are you going to do with your $600 stimulus check?

So most of us got our $600 check over the weekend, but I wanted to know what are you going to do with the extra money. Here is what some of you said on our Facebook post.

Power 95-9 Facebook
Power 95-9 Facebook

In our office, Jim used part of his check for a new TV for his bedroom. I put part of my check away for Summer vacation. Others in my office went on online shopping sprees and some even paid-off credit cards.

I have to admit the last round of stimulus checks I just left in my account and went to just more take out and some small purchases. But this one I wanted to make sure at least part of it was used for a Summer vacation. With all of this COVID-19 stuff, I really feel like my family will need a vacation.

My wife Laura is a second-grade teacher and she is part of the unbelievable number of people that experience this pandemic every day. I know that she would really appreciate a vacation when this school year is over. So what are you going to do with your stimulus check?

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