Here is another way that social media can be used for more than just a time killer and showing everybody what you are eating for dinner.

A few weeks back, Jim Engelking of St. Paul, Minnesota came home and found he'd been robbed. Thieves robbed his home of amlost everything. They took his family's electronics, jewelry, BEER, frozen food and his 1998 red Volvo.

Jim says he was most upset about the Volvo. Fortunately for him, the thieves didn't take it to be chopped up.

They took it to a Goodwill, and parked it really badly. They were crooked, halfway out of a spot, and touching a van's bumper.

And a woman who saw the parking job thought it was so bad, she posted it on Facebook with the caption, quote, "Nice park job, idiot."

Well . . . it turns out she's Facebook friends with Jim's DAUGHTER, Katie. Katie saw the Facebook photo, recognized her dad's car, and let her dad know.

The cops found the car there, but still haven't found the thieves. Jim says he's happy he's been reunited with his car, because it's his prized possession.