Would you quit the popular social media platform Instagram if it hid the likes from your posts?

Instagram has begun an experiment in several countries in which they hide the likes from your photo posts in an effort to lessen the pressure.

CNBC reported on this last week and Instagrams head Adam Mosseri had this to say.

Facebook-owned Instagram said in April it would be kicking off the test as a way of creating “a less pressurized environment” on the app. Users who are part of the test are able to look at who liked their own post, but not a count of how many likes someone else’s post received, a way of making Instagram feel less “like a competition”.I

In the story, it goes on to say that many influencers use the number of likes to help them in getting companies to use them to promote their products. The hope is that these 'influencers' will use video and create more than static content to get the products they promote the best possible exposure.

They also go on to note that the pressure of a liked post means that sometimes people pull some posts because of a lack of likes and this transition will help relieve some of that pressure to get likes.

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