What is your favorite social media to use? We asked the question yesterday with four choices including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, and to no one's surprise, we had a clear winner.


As you can see Facebook was the overall winner of the 60 comments we had it was the clear winner. Snapchat was second, Instagram was third and Twitter came in last.

Did you know that the average age of a Facebook user is 40.5 years old. The average age of a Snapchat user is between 18-24. Instagram has the most users in the 25 -34 age range. And most Twitter users are in the 18-29 age range.

When you look at the statistics of the number of users, Facebook is king. Facebook has 1.86 billion users, Twitter has 974 million, Instagram has 800 million, and Sanpchat has 187 million.

I use Facebook and Instagram. I spend most of my time on Facebook, but Instagram is my social media of choice. It is nice to have something non-political to look at and enjoy.

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