There is a new trend that is going around social media called 'The Tip The Bill Challenge'.

The website Delish put together a story on this challenge, and with the 'Tide Pods Challenge' and the 'Hot Water Challenge' which are downright stupid, I can really get behind this challenge and what it is all about.

Here is how 'The Tip The Bill Challenge' works. When you get the bill you tip the entire amount of the bill. So if you get a ticket for dinner and the bill is $35 you tip the entire amount.

This challenge comes at a great time. Do you know that most Americans do not know they should be tipping between 15 and 20 percent? Those who are participating in the #tipthebill, or #tipthebillchallenge are leaving a very pleasant surprise for their servers.

I waited tables at the old Hush Puppy restaurant back in the day and believe me those folks who left me a big tip were greatly appreciated. Servers are sharing photos of their tips as well as people who are doing it on social media.

Would you do the 'Tip The Bill Challenge'?

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