5 Delicious Restaurants We Need In Texarkana
I have written about restaurants that we have lost over the years and of course, we talk all the time about what restaurant needs to go in an old restaurant building. But what about what restaurants we really need in Texarkana?
The 5 Most Missed Restaurants in Texarkana
If you don't know by now, folks in Texarkana are passionate about their food, especially where they love to go out to eat. On Monday I put a question out on our Facebook page asking you, 'What is the most missed restaurant in Texarkana?
The 10 Commandments Of Ordering In The Drive Thu In Texarkana
In Texarkana, the drive-thru at a restaurant is the staple of the weekly lunch or dinner plan. We are always on the go and sometimes time is really tight or we just don't want to cook. But there are some things you should do when you are in the line to help make the process go faster for those …
TV Cooking Contestant From Texarkana Opens New Restaurant
Keeta King received no compensation from the business mentioned below. 
ABC's Family Food Fight had families in TK gathered around the TV to see Texarkana natives Shayla White, Darlena Brown and Tanji White throw down in a friendly, yet highly competitive kitchen showdown!  S…
5 Places You Can Find A Delicious Affordable Lunch
Lunch is one of those meals of the day that kind of breaks up your workday. It is a little break from the early morning to the afternoon hours. But the big problem we all have at work is finding a lunch it’s both delicious and it’s not too hard on the Wallet.
What Restaurants Do We Need To Bring Back To Texarkana?
I was driving to lunch today and saw the empty Hawkin's Grill spot. I remembered when it was Johnny Carino's This was once one of my favorite spots and I also remember all of the great dates I went on with my wife. I wished that it was still open.

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