Parents, please be aware of a new and dangerous social media challenge called 'The 48 Hour Challenge'.

NBC News says this new social media-fueled challenge is encouraging kids to disappear for two days and awards points for every social media post or mention they receive during their time 'missing'.

The #48hourchallenge is something that is not only very dangerous, but local law enforcement wanted to make sure that the public is informed as soon as possible so that they are aware of this new social media challenge.

With the 'Tide Pod Challenge', and the 'In My Feelings Challenge' the consequences were a little tamer but this new 48-hour challenge could be extremely dangerous. As of now, there have not been too many cases nationwide but the story says that law enforcement wanted to get out in front of the possibility of someone attempting this new social media 'challenge'.

The goal is not to cause panic but just inform the public of this possible challenge that could happen to their kids.

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