texarkana animal shelter

Cat of the Week Has Been a Hero for a Year
This sweet cat has been a great helper at the animal shelter in Texarkana. She has been at the shelter for a year and during that period of time, she has helped raise many litters of orphaned kittens. Now it is her turn for a happy home.
Update on Bonnie the Boxer Mix at the Animal Shelter in Texarkana
Bonnie is a Boxer mix that is less than 2 years old.  She was surrendered to the animal shelter by her owner in March, with no reason noted on the paper work but now it seems that reason is clear, Bonnie is pregnant. The poor girl is still very scared. She needs a place to go to have her babies…
Why is Texarkana’s Animal Shelter Considered ‘High Kill’?
Many people have recently mistakenly thought that our animal shelter in Texarkana was a no kill shelter. That simply is not possible. Our shelter is an "open admission" shelter, which means they take everything that is surrendered within the limits of the Twin Cities and in some cases beyo…
Provide a Pet a Pad for Jelly at the Animal Shelter
This week's featured pet is Jelly. She is a very sweet and super soft terrier mix. Jelly is already spayed, up to date on vaccinations and house trained. She is good with kids, dogs and cats. She loves to be carried and does pretty good on a leash, too.

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