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Strays and Unwanted Dogs at the Texarkana, Ark. Animal Shelter
Could one of these dogs be your missing pet? Here are photos and videos of some of the stray dogs and owner surrenders at the animal shelter in Texarkana, Ark as of Monday, February 6, 2017. Many of these dogs were strays that were picked up by animal control officers and not claimed by their o…
Find Out How You Can Help the Animal Shelter Save Puppies and Kittens
Recently, one of the litters of puppies that had been at the shelter for a few weeks was finally ready to be adopted into new families and those adorable chihuahua pups flew out the door fast. Unfortunately, no matter how hard the shelter staff tried, the puppies came down with Parvo and some of the…
Pet of the Week is a Lab Mastiff Mix Named Ranger
Ranger's owner surrendered him to the animal shelter but no reason was given. They said that he is a Lab-Mastiff mix and that he is a very sweet natured dog. He tested negative for heartworms which is awesome. He is not a puppy so no worry of things getting chewed up.
Animal Shelter in Texarkana Condemns Stray Hold Building [OPINION]
Take a video tour (below) of the shelter to see why Shelter Director Charles Lokey has closed the downstairs building that houses the stray hold dogs. It's because the building is literally falling apart and is inhabitable for the animals of the shelter. This means many animals that have been at the…
Adopt Now and Vetting Fees Are Paid
It is puppy and kitten season in Texarkana, which means tons of litters are being dumped at our animal shelter. You can adopt a pet from the shelter right now and the fees to pay to spay and neuter, vaccinate and microchip your new pet will be paid for by the Texarkana Friends of the Shelter.
Bring Your Shoes to PetSmart and Help the Shelter Animals
Bag up your unworn shoes and bring them to PetSmart this weekend to help the shelter animals. Clean out those closets and look under your bed for shoes to donate to a great cause. Those old, still wearable shoes you will never wear again can help out a furry friend at the Animal Care and Adoption Ce…
Donate Old Shoes to Help the Animal Shelter
Clean out those closets and look under your bed for shoes to donate to a great cause. Those old shoes you never wear anymore can help out a furry friend at our Animal Care and Adoption Center. The more shoes collected, the more money raised for the shelter.
Shelter Director Cracks Down on Animal Dumpers [VIDEO]
Animal Care and Adoption Center Director Charles Lokey is tired of finding animals dumped at the shelter after hours. He told me he has found kittens and puppies left in boxes at the door of the shelter in the heat of the summer that are nearly dead and he is sick of it. So new signs are posted and …

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