Many improvements have been made at our local animal shelter and the good news keeps rolling in as local businesses and individuals step forward to donate their time and materials to get the downstairs building back up and running.

Our animal shelter in Texarkana, Ark., is the only one in this area. It is an open admission shelter, which means they take in every animal that comes through the doors.

Since the word of the poor conditions at the shelter got out, many local businesses and individuals offered to donate their time and materials to make the necessary repairs to the building so animals could safely be housed in that area again. Half of the walls have already been repaired with new concrete blocks and holes filled in. New doors are being installed for the animals to go through between the inside part of each kennel and the outside area, the walls have been painted in a much friendlier and calming color of light blue, multiple layers of epoxy have been applied to the concrete floors, old electrical wiring has been re-wired, more lighting has been installed and the ceiling has been repaired.

The project is approximately at the halfway mark.

Here is what the repaired area looks like now as compared to what it did look like:

Animal Shelter in Texarkana Condemns Stray Hold Building [OPINION]