Provide a Pet a Pad Tuesday

Adopt a Young Retriever at Texarkana Animal Shelter
This sweet, young Retriever mix knows commands and will drop the throw rope at your feet too. She has either been worked with or is just super smart. With some fine tuning, she could be a pro at the game of fetch and maybe even retrieve some birds for you.
Adopt a Big Dane-Mastiff Sweetheart Texarkana Animal Shelter
Adopt this Great Dane-Mastiff from the animal shelter in Texarkana. He is a fun, playful big boy that is around 1 year old. His Animal ID is 74462. His name is unknown so I called him Kevin. He liked it. This dog is neutered and microchipped. He appears to have some house training too.
Dogs Available for Adoption at the Shelter in Texarkana
Adoptions have been great at the shelter in the past week, one might think there aren't any dogs left to adopt but there are still many dogs still looking for homes. New dogs are taken to the shelter every day. Below are videos of a few dogs that are adoptable and there are more in th…

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