During a 24-hour day cycle our brains are attuned to do some things better than others, depending on the time of day.

Find out what times are best to perform certain tasks and get the most out of your day!

"The perfect moment for bonding with your spouse is right when you wake up," Rockefeller University neuroscientist Ilia Karatsoreos told Prevention magazine. She explained that the levels of oxytocin, also known as the "love hormone," soar when we wake up. And that is why 7-9am is the best time to have "relations." Find out what times of the day are best for everything that is on your to-do list.

Prevention magazine has a list of the best times to do certain activities based on your body clock and the natural rise and fall of various hormones:

7-9am: Best time for passion

• Make love, kiss or just cuddle.

• Say "I love you."

• Write a deeply-felt personal note to a friend.

• Call your mother.

9-11am: Best time for creativity

• Block out calendar time for brainstorming new ideas.

• Write a presentation or report.

• Figure out solutions to big and small challenges.

11am-2pm: Best time for difficult tasks

• Read and respond to e-mails.

• Give a presentation to a client or boss.

• Discuss a difficult personal problem with your spouse.

2-3pm: Best time to take a break

• Meditate or pray.

• Read for pleasure, be it a book, Web site, magazine or newspaper.

• Go for a walk.

3-6pm: Best time for easy-going collaboration

• Hold a low-key meeting at work.

• Exercise.

6-8pm: Best time for personal tasks

• Run errands.

• Clean your house.

• Enjoy quality time with your family.

• Cook dinner.

8-10pm: Best time for relaxing

• Watch a movie or TV show.

• Knit, crochet or cross-stitch.

• Read a book.

10pm onward: Best time for sleep -- Go to bed!