Though she's a global music superstar, Britney Spears' acting resume is pretty long as well, and includes both movies and TV. But she says that one of her goals for the future is to add to it. 

Speaking to London's Capital FM about her future plans, Britney said, "I'd like to have more kids and I'd like to do movies."  Asked if she had a dream role in mind, Britney laughed, "I wanna play a bad role, like a really mischievous villain or something in a movie! I think that would be fun."

Asked to name her dream co-star, Britney voted for either James Franco or Brad Pitt.

In the last decade or so, Britney has guest-starred on Will & Grace and How I Met Your Mother, played herself on Glee, and, of course, starred in the critically-reviled film Crossroads.  In her latest video, she's playing a bikini-clad, whip-loving vixen.