The website Buzzfeed did a survey about the most popular food in every state and the results are pretty awesome.

Since we have a unique situation and are a border city I will include the favorite food for both Arkansas and Texas.


Arkansas. It's queso? really, this was surprising to me because of the large population of hunters and such. I sure figured deer or maybe catfish which was the favorite in Mississippi would be the favorite, but queso is the winner. Every Mexican restaurant has it and we all have a favorite, like the skillet queso at Chili's or the gooey goodness at Zapata's.

Jason Eisenberg | TSM

Texas. It is one of my favorites as well barbeque. From ribs to brisket, Texas has a love affair with barbeque. With so many good places to get barbeque, I am going to work on finding the perfect barbecue with your help. I will be asking that question tomorrow on our 'What Do You Think Wednesday' question.

And if you are curious the favorite food for Oklahoma is fried okra. And no surprise in Louisiana it is gumbo.