Snack foods are something we all eat. A snack food means something different depending on the area you are from. Some like it sweet and some salty, but what is the most popular snack food in Arkansas?

I personally am a fan of chips. They must be spicy or even hot. "Flaming Hot Cheetos" crunchy ore even the puffed ones or the "Japaleno Cheetos" are on the top of my list.

In the great state of Texas, the "Funyun" reigns supreme.

In Oklahoma, they love their "Sour Patch Kids".

But in the great state of Arkansas, it is all about the "Dorito" maybe they use them is casseroles? or some other dish like those street tacos. I have a hard time believing that the "Dorito" is the most favorite Arkansas snack food, but here we are.

The number one snack food on the list for the entire United States is something sweet that we all love, the "Oreo" really does go well with an extra cold glass of milk.

The number two most popular snack food is the good old "Frito" chip. I guess it is because it goes well with any dip.

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