What do you think the most favorite food is in Texarkana. Well business insider did a story on the most popular food in every state is and the results may surprise you.

The study used data from Foursquare about the most popular fast food chain in every state, the data contained information like the number of times the restaurant was visited, and the number of that kind of restaurants in that state.

Since we are in a unique area I wanted to share the results of the states that make up our city. The Texas folks have a thing for In and OUt Burger. The funny thing there is not a lot of those locations in Texas. The people just visited them a lot.

When it comes to Arkansas, they are actually in line with most of the country and their favorite is none other than Chik-fil-a. The chicken giant is number one in most of the country.

Oklahoma is actually fans of Taco Bueno, and of all places Alaska loves McDonald's.



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