Last week I wrote a story on the most Arkansas foods we just can't live without and that got me to thinking what is the most popular recipe in Arkansas?

With so many great foods to choose from like Barbeque to chicken fried steak, even the great desserts like banana pudding I just assumed that the most popular recipe would come from these right? I was so wrong.

The most popular recipe for the state of Arkansas is a strawberry shortcake. The site Eatthisnotthat listed the most popular recipes in every state. This story was recently published and listed all 50 states and what they were looking for on the internet. They used Google trends for a six-month period to come to these conclusions. This six-month period did include the tail end of the pandemic so they may change now that we can go back to our favorite restaurants to enjoy sitting down to a great meal with friends and family.

Homemade Strawberry Shortcake with Whipped Cream Ready to Eat

Arkansans searched for burger recipes, whipped coffee recipes but good ole strawberry shortcake was the most popular. If you were wondering the most popular recipe in Texas was banana bread with sourdough bread a close second. In Louisiana, it was all about the drinks with pina Coladas. I guess they were drinking to keep their mind off of things.

I feel like if this study was taken today most of these recipes would change. Now that most of the south is back to normal in terms of going to restaurants and mask mandates ending the searches on Google for recipes would be a little different. What recipe are you looking for right now?


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