It's that time of year again, Halloween means a need for fake blood and Lisa and I have just the recipe for you, and it's tasty, no, really. A while back, my radio partner, Lisa, found a terrific and easy recipe for edible, fake blood, so naturally, we just had to shoot a video and try it out for ourselves. We've posted it before but, if you missed it, here it is.

Talk about quick and easy. This is probably the easiest recipe I've seen yet for creating something that looks just like the real deal. There are no edits on the video other than snipping off the beginning and the end. This actually took us less than three minutes to do, including the explanation of what we were doing. You can't ask for much faster than that. Except maybe the real thing, which we do not recommend.

This is basically sugar and cocoa powder, very sticky and sweet. I can only imagine what kind of critters it might attract if you spill it in the kitchen or on your front porch, or anyplace else and don't get it wiped up fast. Also, remember that red food coloring will stain just about anything you put it on, that can certainly include your countertops, clothes, floors, carpet, etc.

We've warned you, use at your own risk.

Have fun this Halloween, be safe and we hope you get and consume mass quantities of the good candy. You know, the "fun size" stuff or bigger.

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