Texarkana is where I call home and everyone in Texarkana has some pretty awesome places to eat and we all love to go out to dinner.

Texarkana has some of the best food around. There is even some food I would say is so good we could not live without it. Heck, I even have some of these foods every week. Here are 10 Arkansas eats that we cannot live without.

Beef steak on the grill with flames

1. Steak

Whether it is a great filet from Texas Roadhouse or the delicious Prime Rib from Cattleman's we love our steak.

Fresh, fried chicken strips on a white plate in natural light

2. Chicken Fingers

From the light Slim Chickens fingers with all of those sauce choices to the crispy strips at Chicken Express to the good ole strips from Raising Canes and their famous sauce, we love our chicken.


3. Chicken Fried Steak

This is a staple in most southern restaurants but the Dixie Diner Chicken Fried steak is some of the best you'll have.

Bnaana pudding with cookies
Mark Stout

4. Banana Pudding

I did not like banana pudding until much later in life but if you want to try the best, you will find this at The Golden Lady.

Nikolay Trubnikov

5. Burgers

It doesn't matter if it has cheese, bacon, or jalapenos I like my burger to be chock full of veggies. TLC and Smoke Point have some of the best burgers in town.


6. Sweet Tea

It is the go-to drink in Arkansas. I figure most kids had sweet tea before they had their first drink of water.

Fish fried in batter on the table

7. Fried Catfish

No Friday would be complete without some good ole catfish and hushpuppies. You can find fish in any decent restaurant, but Old Time Burger and Sue and Carol's have some of the best.

David Smith

8. BBQ

It doesn't matter if it's chicken, brisket, or ribs barbecue is one of my favorite foods period. You can find great BBQ at Big Jake's, Namaan's, or Silverstar when they open back up. Heck, there are some great out of the way spots for BBQ here like Forand Family BBQ, and Mr. D's out in Leary.

Nikolay Trubnikov

9. Tacos

Tacos come in two varieties for me Tex Mex or Street tacos and there are a ton of great places like Tacos Mi Pueblo, Los Ruvalcaba, or good old El chico.



You can't say watermelon in Arkansas and not talk about the Hope Watermelon Festival. There are watermelons for sale all over our area in the summer and they are especially sweet in the part of the county.

Are there any foods that you would like to add to the list?

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