The rides have all arrived and the midway will soon be set up and ready for the opening day of the 70th Four States Fair and Rodeo. I recorded a video tour of the attractions and even got a sneak peak at the newest ride. There are many of the fan favorites returning this year but a few of them may not be back. Read on to see whats new and whats gone.

The newest ride is the Jungle Twist. It is a fun family ride that will delight the kids and not makes the parents sick. I am a bit of a thrill-seeker and I found this ride to be a blast!

You may be disappointed to hear that the Fun Factory will not be at this year's fair. There is also no Tilt-a-Whirl which is one of my favorites. We get the slides back this year. There are 2 different sets of slides to enjoy. The Freak Out is back too and so is the Avalanche, Zipper, Super Shot, Himalaya, and the Starship 3000. The video below takes you down the midway to show all of the rides, even the ones that are not set up yet.

Tour the Midway at the Four States Fair in Texarkana

Freak Out


Cliff Hanger