Do amusement park rides make you sick? If you're like me, the nauseous feeling you can get on them can take the joy right out of the day.

I'm good with roller coasters (as long as I can be in the front), but anything that rocks or spins just makes me want to hurl.

But according to Men's Health, there is something you can do to prevent the nausea. Con your own mind by deceiving one of your motion sensors (eyes, inner ear and body).

How do you do that? According to Dr. Michael Hoffer, "stretch one arm in front of you and grasp the handrail with your thumb extended. Then simply stare at your thumbnail during the ride." This isn't guaranteed to work, but it could help you keep down your lunch.

And speaking of food, before you get on the ride, eat a few carbs, like unbuttered popcorn. This will help when your stomach produced extra acid while on the ride and it will hopefully help you have a better time when your kids talk you into getting on those rides like the Scrambler or the Tilt-A-Whirl.