There has been a lot of controversy over masks. The Texas side has a mask mandate the Arkansas side does not. Just recently a judge overturned Shreveport's mandatory mask requirement. But the real question is, with the coronavirus how well do these masks really work?

This video I found is really eye-opening for those of us on the fence about wearing a mask you need to watch this. Coughs and sneezes are visible with the naked eye but the technology used in the video called Schlieren imaging brings this spread of germs including the coronavirus into a whole new light.

The video goes into detail about how the 'airwaves' of just breathing and talking and showing the difference of how thew disperse with and without a mask. The video shows that if someone with the virus coughs or sneezes they can disperse the virus through their breath up to 6 1/2 feet. Which by the way is greater than the preferred social distancing guidelines of just 6 feet.

The video also shows that the industry-standard n 95 masks, bandanas, and even cloth masks are all effective in helping reduce this dispersion. It is important to note that wearing a mask properly is almost as important as what the mask is made of. If the mask is too tight it loses it effectiveness.

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