What is the true key to your happiness? Well, the answer is pretty obvious to most of us.

In an article that ran in the New York Post the key to your true happiness is your phone, but more importantly making sure you are turning your phone off at a specific time.

The study conducted by the Lancet Psychiatry who conducted the survey said that the magic time to turn off your phone is 10 PM. Why that time? Thier research found that people who used their phones after 10 PM had increased depression and felt more lonely and unhappy.

This disruption in the sleep pattern causes the issues. Anyone who is a parent understands how you feel in the first months of a new baby., The lack of sleep tends to put us in a very bad mood and we tend to be literally walking around in a daze.

So make sure to get those devices turned off at a decent hour and you will actually feel better.


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