This morning we were talking about naps. I needed one yeterday and it turned out to be an almost 4 hour nap. Anyone that works the crazy hours we work, needs a nap on a daily basis. But are naps really good for you? Here are a few nap facts to help you feel better about those naps you take.

Naps helps beat exhaustion. According to a study done at Harvard, naps are more effective at eliminating daytime sleepiness than both coffee and more sleep at night.

Naps help you boost your performance and overall alertness. NASA discovered that a simple 26 minute nap can increase your overall performance up to 34% and alertness by up to 54%

A study at Saarland University found that taking power naps significantly improves your memory. Participants who took a nap after revising a test tested much better than those who did other activities between.

They can help prevent heart disease. People who partake in afternoon napping three times a week are 37% less likely to die of heart disease.

It can also help with problem solving. A study that had women play a challenging level in a video game found that they were almost twice as likely to solve the level after taking a nap, compared to being awake for 90 minutes.

Naps can help quell sugar cravings. People who regularly drink soda have up to an 83 percent higher risk of Type II diabetes. In the afternoon, most people reach for something sugar filled to keep them going. Doctors recommend hitting the sack instead, because napping kills these sluggish sugar cravings.

Naps can help the economy. It is estimated that tired employees cost the US economy $150 billion a year. Companies likes Nike and Google combat this by allowing employees to nap, and even report less accidents and errors.

Naps make your beautiful. The National Sleep Foundation has found that short naps can be good for your skin.

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