On our "What Do You Think Wednesday" we asked what side of the bed do you sleep on and here are some of your answers.

Power 959 Facebook
Power 959 Facebook

After a quick look at the votes here are the results. In first place was the left side of the bed this side seemed to be the choice for most people who answered our questions on Facebook. The right side of the bed was second, but it was in way behind the left side of the bed in total votes. The middle of the bed and all over tied for third place in our impromptu voting.
Here is some interesting information about the side of the bed you sleep on and your personality according to the website tips and tricks. They say that if you are the left side of the bed sleeper you can handle stress better and are more confident as well as having a more positive outlook on life. Right side sleepers tend to be more negative.

Do you agree with this study?

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