Did you know that not going potty properly can cause major health problems? Doctors say that you should never wait to poop or you could die. No lie. I can’t make this stuff up.

We’ve all been there, somewhere you don’t want to do your business. Maybe it is at work, maybe at the gym or out shopping. I have a close relative who would interrupt outings because she had to go and wouldn’t do it anywhere but at home. We could be 30 miles from home about to go bowling and had to leave so she could poop. I worked with a gal who would leave the office and go to a local drug store to take care of her business. We all have our hang-ups, some are more dangerous than others.

Where ever you are, if you have to go here is why you should just do it. The Daily Mirror ran a story that say, according to doctors, holding in your poop is dangerous and could even be fatal. In other cases it can be just downright uncomfortable.

"Kyle D STaller, a gastroenterologist at Massachusetts General Hospital says that people who get into a habit of holding in can develop a dysfunction in the muscle used for pooing."

She adds: "So holding in is bad. If you don't poo when you need to, all the waste and toxins are just sitting in there.

"And your body keeps making waste, it can lead to an impacted bowel.

"Sometimes surgery is required, and if left untreated, an impacted bowel can actually kill you."

If you are one of those people who refuse to poop in a public bathroom, and hold it until you get home—this story is for you.

According to doctors, holding in your poop too often, can make your sphincter muscles dysfunctional. You can also develop an impacted bowel which occurs when a chunk of feces gets stuck and can't move. That can cause serious constipation issues. Waiting to go can leave you with a big lump of toxins in your body which could require treatment and possibly even surgery. In the most extreme cases it might even be fatal.

Since we are already on this subject, let’s take this a step further and talk about proper pooping. Have you seen the Squatty Potty? It was on ABC’s Shark Tank but I missed that episode. My first introduction to Squatty Potty was on Facebook and I thought it was a joke. I watched videos about the product and quickly realized that this was no joke. These people were serious about getting the deed done the right way so I just had to try it out. I did my own test of the Squatty Potty and put it on You Tube for all to enjoy.

I must confess, if it wouldn’t freak anyone out, I would put a Squatty Potty in the bathroom at work. I haven’t gotten up enough nerve to do that yet so I put my product test potty at home.

This video likening pooping to ice cream coming from a unicorn’s butt is hilarious and a must watch.

I wonder how my friends and family would feel about getting a Squatty Potty as a gift from me for Christmas. It may be the best gift of all.

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