The things I subject my family too! They are so used to me whipping out the video camera that my husband and stepson pose for me now. I've got them trained right!

The Four States Fair Midway is an absolute playground! I love going to the fair and for the most part, my family can keep up the pace. Although I did find myself riding some of the attractions alone. The play houses and slides are good family fun too.

This slide will send you airborne! I thought I would make it easier on myself by laying down. Big mistake. I caught air and then slammed down on my elbow. Then a couple of days later I watched kids come down the slide and they had to push themselves to get to the bottom. Humidity plays a big factor in slickness and speed on these slides.

Bumps, bruises, sore muscles--it is all worth it to me. I am a Four States Fair Fun Pass Freak Out, Fun Factory riding fan!