There is a brand new ride at this year's fair and I got to ride it already! The Jungle Twist is a spinning coaster. Check out my video below to see what you can expect on this new ride.

The Jungle Twist is made in the U.S.A. How awesome is that!

Jungle Twist is the first attraction on the right when you enter the midway. It may look like a kiddie ride but it is fun for adults too. I describe it as the Tilt-a-Whirl mixed with a Roller Coaster. Each car spins at different times, speeds and directions as the coaster travels around the 60-foot track. Parents and kids will fit easily in the cars. I'm thinking that my husband, my stepson and I will be able to ride together. Sitting all the way on the right or the left of the bench seat and leaning one direction or the other will probably help your car spin more. I will let you know after we all load up for our first official family ride.

Mimi Rides the Jungle Twist - Video

This next video may not be for the squeamish--there is a LOT of spinning.

I also interviewed Pat from Wisdom Rides, the company that built the ride, and he talks about how it was made and some of the fun details about it.

Wisdom Rides out of Merino, Colorado. They have also built several other rides that are at this year's fair--some of your favorites like the Himalaya, the Avalanche, Sizzler, Starship 3000 and Monster Truck.

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