This weekend in Texarkana is packed full of things you can do. Most of these events are family friendly and most of them are free.

1. Free Bowling. Yes, your kids can bowl for free at Holiday Bowl on Saturday. And there is so much more to do than just bowl at Holiday Bowl. Check out the story for some videos of things to do while you are there.

2. LIve Music In Texarkana.  This weekend features some great music. From the rocking sounds of Teazur to the acoustic sounds of Dave Almond you will find it all in Texarkana this weekend.

3Make a trip to check out this Texarkana Park that I call a hidden gem. It has so much to offer for you and the kids and plenty of shade.

4. If you are a trivia fan the Texarkana Museum System has an event for you. 'Pop To The Culture' is happening on Saturday at the historic Ace Of Clubs House.

5. There are two movies being shown for free this weekend in Texarkana. You can see 'Tom and Jerry' at the Richmond Road Baptist Church. And Crossties in downtown Texarkana will have the movie 'Wreck-It Ralph' tonight.

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