Are you one of those folks that is a 'serial speeder'? That one person that always goes 5 over the speed limit and thinks that they are really not speeding because everyone is going that fast.

So how fast can you go in Texarkana and not get a ticket? We all know that the Texarkana. Texas police will write you a moving violation ticket way quicker then the Arkansas side of town, but what about on the Interstate?

When it comes to driving on the highways in our city you will fall into two different jurisdictions of course the Texas Department of Public Safety  and the Arkansas State Police. I asked if troopers on either state allow people to drive a little faster than the posted speed limit? The answer is you can actually get pulled over for going just 1 mph over the limit.

Both departments told me there is really no cushion in how far over the speed limit you can go before getting ticketed. Officers are required to follow their departmental policy and take into consideration other factors like the weather, condition of the road and surrounding area, is construction present and time of day are big considerations including some good ole common sense. Driving too fast for conditions, and speeding is discouraged by law enforcement everywhere.

So be safe, and buckle up. With this big cold snap give yourself more time to get to your destination and of course buckle up.


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