The Arkansas State Police will be increasing their enforcement of the "Drive High Get A DWI' campaign next week.

Arkansas state officials say that during the time period of April 18 April 20 they have increased their enforcement throughout the state to prevent people from driving high and get a DWI. This is a ramped-up effort to help crack down on drug-impaired driving.

These increased efforts have proven to be effective throughout Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska on highways and roadways in the states in these counties. Officers will be looking for impaired drivers to help put an end to impaired driving.

During this increased enforcement of the "Drive High Get A DWI" program in Arkansas officers are going to be stepping up their enforcement of drug-impaired driving laws like drunk driving is illegal in all 50 states Puerto Rico and Washington DC. Did you know it doesn’t matter if the drugs were obtained legally or illegally you can still be busted for driving high?

It is not safe if you are using marijuana either. The THC in most marijuana has psychological effects and actually slows down your reaction times and it impairs your performance and makes it more difficult for drivers to keep a steady position in their lane and even maintaining their speed.

The Arkansas State Police say this. It doesn't matter if you are stoned, high, wasted, or drunk, if you are impaired and driving you will get a DWI. So please don't do it. The consequences can be deadly.

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